Higher Education

Higher Education can be classed as any course above HNC Level (SCQF Level 7). Students studying above this level are eligible to apply for student grants and loans from SAAS to assist while at college. Please apply for these directly through the SAAS Website.

Eligibility for support is dependent on individual circumstances however, the criteria for assistance for higher level courses is set out by SAAS directly.


College Funding

Additional funds are available to students who have applied for all eligible funding from SAAS. Students can apply for assistance for childcare costs whilst studying during term time and can also apply for help with housing from our discretionary funding.

Click the links below for further information on these types of funding.

Available to students regardless of SCQF level if you have housing costs

Available to students regardless of SCQF level if you are responsible for a child

Funding Main Guide

Our Student Funding Guide can be downloaded below. This provides an in-depth guide to the funds listed above for student funding for academic session 2024/25.

Student Funding Guide 2024/25

Funding Application

If you have been offered a place on one of our courses, you will be issued an invitation by email to apply for funding. The email is sent automatically once applications are open and you have verified your place on your chosen course.

Applications for funding are open to all students who have completed their enrolment activities for a fundable course. The secure site is accessed using your college Office 365 account.