Our Commitment

Forth Valley College wants every student to achieve their goals during their time here. We understand that everyone is an individual and that some students require a higher level of additional support to help them achieve their full potential.

What are Complex Additional Support Needs?

A child or young person who has additional support needs arising from one or more complex factors or multiple factors (needs that are likely to continue for more than a year) is deemed to have ‘complex’ needs (Education Scotland, 2019).

Examples include:

  • Social, emotional and behavioural
  • Communication difficulties
  • ASD
  • Disability

Courses available

FVC has a range of fantastic, nurturing Supported Learning courses (full time), each focussed on a number of outcomes including development of confidence, communication skills, community participation, building basic skills and skills for life, health and wellbeing capacity building, and preparation for future study with greater independence.

We also offer provide extended transition opportunities to give students the opportunity to experience college life, whilst still at school. This enables the student to get to know the college, and for the college to get to know the individual and their support needs. Contact your current school for further information.

What support is on offer?

Supported programmes offer;

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Some classes have an Additional Support Worker assigned to help provide educational support in the classroom
  • Include an element of tailored curriculum provision designed around the student needs, with reasonable adjustments made if necessary
  • The curriculum team have strong partnerships with local community provision
  • Offer opportunities for progression onto other supported employment, training and education provision

If a student requires personal care support, this must be arranged separately with an approved external agency e.g. PLUS, Enable etc., before the start of the college year.

Click here to see our full range of supported programmes.

For more information on all courses, please contact supportandguidance@forthvalley.ac.uk.