Students who have their own homes and pay rent or have a mortgage may be eligible to apply for Housing Funds.

If you were previously on benefits such as Universal Credit (for more information you should speak with your benefits office), you may have to come off these benefits once you become a student and will become responsible for your own housing costs. The college cannot cover your full rent/mortgage amount, but can provide assistance with partial installments. The maximum we can pay is £30 a week and students studying FE level or HE level course can apply.

If you still live at home with your parents and pay ‘digs’ or ‘board money’, you will not be able to apply for these funds.

Council Tax

As a full-time student, you may also be eligible to a council tax discount while you are studying.

You should contact your local council office for more information.

For information relating to Councils in the Forth valley area, please see below:

Falkirk Council - Council Tax

Stirling Council - Council Tax

Clackmannanshire Council - Council Tax