Media students in the spotlight at the start of term


Media students in the spotlight at the start of term

BA Digital Media students have taken on an ‘Eight Day Week’ challenge to kick-start their new term.

Developed by the Creative Industries Department’s Media Team, the concept was a project based approach to the start of the year for both first and second year students on the degree programme.

All students were tasked with working on an ‘Eight Day Week’ brief that engages them in group work creating media content and introducing all curriculum subjects holistically. The projects will run until 22 September 2017.

First year students had to complete a scavenger hunt - designed to help familiarise them with the college spaces and staff - in order to get guidance on how to find instructions for their project, which were hidden throughout the college on USB sticks. Some of their tasks included:

• Collecting the autograph of a member of SMT (Senior Management Team)
• Find the FVSA office and identify the colours of the couches in front of it
• Take a photograph featuring their team and Radio Lecturer Gavin Orr.

Second year students are taking part in an ‘Eight Day Week Flip’, where as well as generating content for FVC’s Connect Forth broadcast channels, they needed to recruit lecturers as ‘trainees’ and teach them skills they may not already have.

Both projects have a twitter presence under the hashtag #FVC8Days.

Fi Milligan-Rennie, Creative Industries Lecturer, said:

“Students have embraced the projects and are working to a very high standard to complete their brief. It’s created a real buzz for the start of the year.”


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