Winter weather disruption: Your questions answered
Winter weather

Winter weather disruption: Your questions answered

With bad weather predicted over the next few days, we thought it would be useful to share some Frequently Asked Questions in regards to winter weather disruption.

So before you look out your thermals and snow shovel and rush to the shops to stockpile on bread and milk – please read on…

If there is adverse weather in the Forth Valley area, will the College be open?

As much as everyone loves a snow day, the college will remain open as normal unless there has been an official announcement.

Where would I find any official announcements?

We will make any official announcements via the college website, our Facebook page, Twitter page and Central FM (103.1).

If the weather takes a turn for the worst when you’re already in college and we make the decision to close, you’ll be informed by staff members.

The College was closed today, when will I find out if it is open tomorrow or not?

During any closure period, we issue updates at 7am and 7pm – keep an eye on the channels above.

I have heard a rumour that the College will be closing/is staying closed. Do I still need to attend?

Whilst your classmate might normally be a good source of information (new bands to check out,  the ins and outs of your timetable, the deadline for your next assignment)…unless there has been an official announcement via the channels above or directly from a member of staff, you should still attend college as normal.

I receive a bursary from the College - will adverse weather closures affect my payments?

Official closures will not impact your attendance record or bursary payments.

Will adverse weather closures affect the timing of my bursary/other student finance payments?

We will do our very best to ensure that there are no delays with your payments.

However if the College is closed, this may have an unavoidable impact on the timing of payments as staff will be physically unable to access the relevant information to process payments.

In this unlikely event, the payment run will be made as soon as possible when the College re-opens.

During a closure, is there any way for me to continue studying or interact with my class/lecturer?

We would encourage you to use Moodle during any period of closure to keep on top of your studies.

Where possible, additional materials and online discussion may be available.

I made it into College but my lecturer was unable to – what do I do now?

Contact a member of staff in your department to be marked as present, particularly if you receive a bursary/other payment from the College.

The department may be able to suggest an alternative arrangement for you. If no alternative arrangement is available, you can undertake some self-directed study in the Learning Resource Centre using Moodle.

Following the adverse weather and a return to normal operations for the College, I am still unable to attend my classes owing to conditions where I live. Will this affect my attendance/bursary/other funding?

It is hard to provide guidance that will cover all eventualities however, as a general guide, once public transport is running again following a period of severe weather students will be expected to attend classes.

For individual cases where there are continuing issues, you should liaise through your department to ensure appropriate records are kept.

The College has re-opened but my child’s school is still closed due to burst pipes etc. and I cannot arrange childcare cover…

Please make your department aware if you are unable to make childcare arrangements. An assessment regarding attendance for bursary etc. will be made on an individual basis.

Alternative arrangements must be agreed with Student Finance prior to them being used.



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