Modern Apprenticeships: The Student Perspective
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Modern Apprenticeships: The Student Perspective

Modern Apprenticeships (MAs) are kind of great. They offer the best of both worlds for those torn between further study or employment. You get a qualification and you get to have a job.

MAs are also available in nearly every sector and industry – the perception of all apprenticeships involving overalls and getting your hands dirty long forgotten. Although these opportunities do still exist if that’s your thing!

So why are apprenticeships so popular? We highlight some of the key reasons:

#1 Earn while you learn

The fact that you earn a wage has to be up there with one of the more popular reasons why people rate Modern Apprenticeships. What’s not to love about getting paid?

#2 Learning in the workplace

Do you switch off in a classroom environment? Learn more through actually doing tasks rather than sitting listening to someone else talk about them? Then you’ve met your match in a Modern Apprenticeship. Enjoy hands-on learning and all things practical. Although there might still be a teeny bit of theory – we’re maybe talking one day per week or one week per month. Our lecturers are really good though so it won’t be all that bad - promise!

#3 You’re setting yourself up for your future career

Avoid worrying that you’re going to be stuck in a job you hate. Apprentices learn very quickly whether or not they like the job they’re training for because they’re actually doing it. Much better than finding out you’re not actually that in to a subject, say four years down the line, and then potentially hating life until you can retire or win the lottery.

#4 Double the support

You’ll have both your employer and the college team behind you all the way, increasing the support available to you. So whether you’re freaking out about a practical activity you just can’t get right or need help accessing course materials – there’s always someone on hand to help.

#5 Gain ‘work ready’ skills

With a Modern Apprenticeship, you’ll learn the skills you’ll need for the job you’ll do. You’ll be every employers dream and will have earned the right to be a little bit smug that, post-apprenticeship, you’ll know what you’re doing from the outset.

Sounds good? Learn more about Modern Apprenticeships at Forth Valley College.


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