Let Assistive Technology assist you

Wait, what… you’re telling me that there’s technology that can convert text into speech… and that means you could actually be listening to what I am writing right now!

Start your own business

Budding entrepreneurs among Forth Valley College’s students are being urged to get their dreams of owning their own company on track, at an informative Business Start-Up Awareness Seminar at the Alloa Campus on Tuesday 6 February (4-6pm).

Everything parents need to know about Foundation Apprenticeships

Foundation Apprenticeships are new qualifications aimed at young people still attending school. They’re available in a wide variety of subjects and can take one or two years to complete, usually starting in S5 or S6. If you’re a parent or guardian and wondering if a Foundation Apprenticeship would be suitable for your son or daughter – our latest blog tells you everything you need to know.

Results Day: The Parents' Guide

Exam results mean it’s now time for your son or daughter to make some important decisions regarding their future. Whether they’re delighted with their results or disappointed, clear on what they want to do or still uncertain, it’s highly likely that they’ll turn to you for advice. Our blog offers a list of reasons why Forth Valley College should be an option you encourage your child to consider.

Modern Apprenticeships: The Employer Perspective

Taking on an apprentice can be a big decision, with so many different things to consider. However Modern Apprenticeships (MAs) are an increasingly popular choice for employers looking to develop their workforce. Read on to find out more about some of the key highlights of an MA.