Tina bags art prize with compelling film

Mixed Bag

Tina bags art prize with compelling film

BA Art and Design graduate Tina Minal has bagged a prestigious art prize from the Paisley Art Institute with a compelling film about memories.

Tina (42) from Bo’ness, won the Outspoken Arts Scotland prize at the PAI’s recent exhibition with her ‘Mixed Bag’ art film and claimed a £100 prize along with a certificate.

Honours at Stirling University now beckons for Tina, who has just completed her three year Forth Valley College degree course. She said: “I was overwhelmed and very pleased to have been awarded this for my artwork, as all the other entries in this category were good digital artworks, so I wasn’t expecting it at all.

“Mixed Bag comes from the mixture of objects we collect through life that we preserve from different places, people and times in our lives that trigger memories. We never seem to throw them away, but store them in boxes in cupboards and under the bed.

“This artwork took weeks to collate, video, cut and edit to a final digital video. It was one of my more ambitious artworks to date, but one of my favourites. I am now progressing onto Stirling University to complete my honours in the hope to then do ether Teaching or Archiving in a gallery.”

Back in April, Tina and FVC Lecturer Ewan John had their work exhibited on line at the Royal Scottish Academy’s exhibition – the first time it was held online (due to the pandemic lockdown) in its 194 history.

Ewan John was delighted that Tina had received more critical acclaim and said: “We are always very proud of our students’ achievements and this award, which will mean so much to Tina, is testament to the diverse range of disciplines we encourage our students to explore at Forth Valley College. We have been working hard recently to promote and encourage students to work in the field of ‘Moving Image’ alongside more conventional art practices. On this occasion, Tina’s film has struck a chord with the judges amongst what I know to be a very strong cohort of participants.”



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