Introduction to Gym Based Workshop for NHS Bellsdyke staff

Introduction to Gym Based Workshop for NHS Bellsdyke staff
NHS Bellsdyke Introduction

In demand Leisure Facilities Co-ordinator Wai Mun Lee, has delivered another of his popular gym introduction workshops For NHS Forth Valley.

Normally to be found encouraging and inspiring staff and students in the Forth Valley College gyms, Wai was recently asked by Kirsty Hughes NHS Forth Valley Advanced Practitioner/Physiotherapy Team Lead, to deliver another workshop on site (those attending are pictured here).

The workshop has over recent years enhanced the staff’s confidence, knowledge and understanding of their own in-house gym facility based in Bellsdyke Hospital in Larbert, improving not only personal but hopefully patient physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Designed to cater for everyone from the complete beginner to the more experienced fitness fanatic, it is hoped that NHS Staff can now put all that was learned it into practice, and allow themselves, and their patients, to take full advantage of their in-house gym, and reap the benefits of exercising regularly and most importantly having fun in the gym.

NHS Staff Feedback from the workshops:

  • 22 members of NHS staff attend workshops
  • 78% said it was excellent and 22% said it was really good.
  • 67% felt it was extremely useful and the other 33% said very useful.
  • on their plans to use their skills one said: “I plan to join a gym myself after years of no courage!" and most responses mentioned an increase in confidence in using the gym themselves and teaching patients
  • other comments - "informative" "very useful/comprehensive", "excellent teaching", "great content" "suggest getting more involved in demos to generate other exercise ideas".

Wai Mun Lee, FVC’s Leisure Facilities Coordinator, said: “It has been a joy and a pleasure delivering more workshops for NHS Bellsdyke. Kirsty’s Hughes who has taken the lead in reviving their NHS Bellsdyke gym has done an amazing job.

“She has encouraged 22 staff throughout her organisation to sign up to these workshops and with so many taking part, it will hopefully have a positive ripple effect for staff and patients. I look forward to continuing to deliver future workshops or assist Kirsty in any way I can to further help her goals and objectives with NHS Bellsdyke Gym. It was great working with Kirsty and meeting her team.”

Kirsty Hughes, NHS Forth Valley, Advanced Practitioner/Physiotherapy Team Lead, said: “We are really grateful to Wai for his support and input in putting together, and providing this bespoke training package for our staff, across mental health services in NHS Forth Valley. He has demonstrated an understanding of the needs of our patient group and how best staff can support them in engaging in physical activity. This training has also helped to boost the confidence of staff in using exercise to boost their own physical and mental wellbeing. 

“I hope to continue to work closely with Wai in the future to support further training and updates for staff, and also to engage in ongoing projects to develop our on-site gym at Bellsdyke. Hopefully there will be opportunities together to continue to promote physical activity and physical health within mental health services and across Forth Valley."