Degree and Diploma Art Exhibition at Stirling Campus

Natalie Ritchie

Degree and Diploma Art Exhibition at Stirling Campus

A degree and diploma art exhibition at Forth Valley College’s Stirling Campus offered members of the public, students and staff the opportunity to check out work from the next generation of artists.

The free exhibition began on Thursday 1 June and will end tomorrow (Thursday 9 June).

The event has showcased a wide range of media including art, design, sculpture, installation, video and audio created by learners from the BA Art and Design, HND Contemporary Art Practice, HND Visual Communication, HND Photography and HND Art and Design.

May Herriot Dunlop a BA Art and Design student exhibited her work entitled ‘Atmospheric intrigue Behind Those Doors’, said:

“I have enjoyed exhibiting and when you see your artwork up on the wall it is a great relief to see it finished.”

Natalie Ritchie (20) from Blackridge, West Lothian, also a BA Art and Design student, produced work with the theme ‘Feminism and how we objectify, sexualise and monopolise the female anatomy’. She said:

“I don’t like showing my work, but having so many positive comments has really helped me and I have enjoyed exhibiting this year.”

Jemma Peebles (21) an HND Contemporary Art Practice student from Dunblane, who is now going on to study for her BA Art and Design, created her art from the theme of ‘Systems of Power’ and chose the cultural aspect of this. She said:

“I was looking at how parents in different cultures tell stories about monsters and mythical creatures to control behaviour in their children. I really loved making my work. It has been stressful as my projector did not work just as I was setting up on opening night, but Creative Industries technician Trevor helped me find a back-up just in time.”

Lucinda Ferguson (51) from Galashiels, also an HND Contemporary Art Practice students who is starting the BA Art and Design course at Forth Valley College in August, produced work which presented a mental health theme of ‘Hidden Impairments’.

She said:

“The car number plates I have painted are metaphors for people and individuals and how we all look the same, but are not quite the same inside and hence the difficulties with mental health.

“Well known artist Richard Demarco who visited the exhibition on the first night, commented that it ‘showed all humanity’ and I was blown away with that comment.”

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