Results Day Survival Guide
Exam result survival guide

Results Day Survival Guide

Results day can be exciting if you are confident of doing well – but also daunting, worrying and stressful if you aren’t so sure. But with a little preparation you can ease some of the pressure on yourself.

So whether you’ve applied to Forth Valley College and are now tentatively waiting for your place to be confirmed – or you’re moving from S5 into S6 and are considering your options – here’s our exam results survival guide.

With a little bit of planning you can be ready to make the most of your results whatever they are – good or not so good!

Top tips

  • In the days before, try to relax and do what you can to take your mind off your results – worrying is no good to anyone.
  • Do some research and list other courses that you might like to think about if your first choice isn’t an option.
  • Make sure you have all your application info and any useful contact details to hand.
  • Ensure your mobile phone is charged – so you can tell everyone your good news or speak to people who could help turn disappointment into a positive move.
  • If you are disappointed with your results –be quick off the mark and get on the phone to follow up on your back up plan. Make sure you have a pad and pen handy to record names and numbers of people you should speak to if this is the case.
  • Wake up early, get everything ready, have a good breakfast and face the day with confidence no matter what

Right, it’s time, you’ve received the text or opened the envelope what now?

You got the grades!

Well done if you’ve achieved all the results you wanted…

  • If you had a conditional offer for a course at Forth Valley College – congratulations you’re in! There’s no further action required from you – if we need anything else we’ll be in touch.
  • If you’ve applied to university, you can log onto UCAS and delight in the word ‘unconditional’ appearing next to your offer. Sometimes it can take a wee while to update, but never fear as a letter confirming your place will be sent to you quickly.
  • If your results are even better than expected…you might want to think about upgrading your choice of course and at Forth Valley College. Visit our Qualifications Explained guide to see if there's something else that might suit you. If you find a different course that you're interested in, you can contact the individual department or a Learner Adviser to discuss this further. 
  • Now all that’s left to do is get your glad rags on and celebrate!

Time for Plan B…

Get your head up – it’s not the end of the world. Keep a calm head and let’s get you onto a course that can still see you on the road to a successful career.

  • Didn’t get the grades for your Forth Valley College course? Don’t panic! Contact us on 01324 403000 to discuss your options. It might also be worth having a nosey on our website here to have a look at other courses starting this August with places still available. 
  • Ok you perhaps didn’t get the grades for your first choice at university, but your back-up choice has accepted you and a letter confirming this will be on its way.
  • Also it is worth checking on UCAS Track that you still haven’t been accepted on your first or second choices – sometimes this can happen regardless of your grades.
  • Alternatively you may have been offered another course at university termed ‘Unconditional Changed Course (UCC). Obviously it is up to you whether you take up on this offer.
  • It is possible to pay to get your papers marked again… but grades can also go down as well as up and time is of the essence as colleges and universities look to fill places.
  • If you are adamant you want to do a certain course at that university, then you could re-sit the exams or do another course and try again the following year.
  • If all else fails why not look at the UCAS clearing process! Click here to find out more.
  • It might also be worth checking out the degrees on offer at Forth Valley College in partnership with Stirling University, Strathclyde University and Heriot-Watt University. You can apply to these through the College directly or also through the UCAS clearing process.

If you haven't received your results by Wednesday 7 August, please contact us to check we have the correct contact details for you.

Any queries in regards to exam results – please call 01324 403000.

Good luck!

Other sources of information:

Skills Development Scotland

0808 100 8000

SQA Advice Line

0345 279 1000


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