While studying at college, you may need to travel to attend classes on campus, or work placements.

If you live more than 2 miles from your campus and/or placement location, and do not already receive travel funding, you may be eligible for Travel Costs Funding.

The maximum Travel Funding rates are based on the most cost-effective method of travel to college, a weekly student bus ticket. Regardless of how you choose to travel to college and the relative costs; the maximum Travel Funding rates remain the same. This fund is means-assessed based on the student’s income and the relevant household income.

Student Weekly Ticket - Zones

No Travel

Stirling & Clacks 

Falkirk Area

Forth Valley Area

All Zones

Maximum Weekly Rate






To find out more about the bus travel zones you can visit the McGill’s Scotland East Website.

Travel funding is not normally paid to students under the age of 22 as they are entitled to a free bus pass. Students can apply for this online on the NEC Website or by contacting their Local Authority.

If a student under the age of 22 cannot reasonably reach the college by bus, they should contact Student Funding as soon as possible to discuss the option to appeal. (Evidence to support the reason for appeal will be required.)

If travelling to college costs you more money due any additional support needs, you may also apply to the College for Additional Support Needs Travel Funding. Contact Student Funding ( to find out more.

Please Note: The Travel Funding rates are set for the year based on the cost of a weekly student ticket at the beginning of the 2024-25 Academic Year. Any changes to the cost of the bus tickets are at the discretion of the bus operator and will not be reflected in the Travel Funding rates.