Wai delivers Team Building and Mindfulness Workshop

Wai delivers Team Building and Mindfulness Workshop
Whitecross PS staff get in step during Wai's workshop

Forth Valley College’s Leisure Facility Coordinator Wai Mun Lee successfully delivered a Team Building and Mindfulness Workshop at Whitecross Primary School recently.

The majority of Wai’s ‘Team Building’ sessions are delivered internally, but this time he took it out externally during FVC’s Staff Development Day on Friday 25 November – and gave staff from Whitecross Primary School, who themselves were on an in-service day, the opportunity to work together in a completely different setting, as well as experiencing benefits outlined below:

  • Improving staff morale and leadership skills
  • Finding the barriers that thwart creativity
  • Clearly defining objectives and goals
  • Improving processes and procedures
  • Improving organisational productivity
  • Identifying a team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Improving the ability to problem solve

With the success of this Team Building and Mindfulness Workshop, Wai is now hoping to roll this out to other primary schools and generate future income for FVC.

Wai, said: “It was a great session with Whitecross Primary School and to have staff at a management level – including Vice Principal Kim Barr and both Nursery SFLA’s Emily Anderson and Rebecca McPhee - joining in with rest of staff was great to see.

“The competitiveness, willingness to take part, utter frustration in some parts, innovative designs - some not so innovative - teamwork and most importantly, the fun and laughter that was had by all, made this workshop a pleasure to deliver. It was amazing meeting all the staff and to be given this opportunity to deliver this Team Building and Mindfulness workshop to a local primary school.”

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