Students de-stress through pack mentality

Paws against stress

Students de-stress through pack mentality

Students who are worried about their exams were able to relax recently through the Paws Against Stress initiative.

A pack of Therapet Dogs from the Canine Concern Scotland Trust visited Forth Valley College’s three Campuses - Friday 20 April at Stirling, Friday 27 April at Falkirk and Monday 30 April at Alloa - to help students de-stress at this hectic time in the academic year.

Students were invited to book their 15 minute dog petting time slots in person at FVC LRCs.

Lynsey Thomson, Trustee and Area Representative, Canine Concern Scotland Trust, said: “For many years Canine Concern Scotland Trust has seen the stress and anxiety reducing benefits of taking ‘Therapets’ into care homes and hospitals. ‘Paws Against Stress’ allows the students to experience these benefits during exam or assessments periods which can be stressful for them.”

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