Re-freshers' Fair 2021

Re-freshers' Fair 2021
Re-Freshers' Fair Week
The Student Association will be running their annual Re-Freshers’ Fair event from Monday 1 February – Friday 5 February 2021. Similar to the Freshers’ Fair in September, the event will be held online, but this time it will be launched on their brand new FVSA website - watch this space!
Make sure you don’t miss out and join the online Re-Freshers Fair, with entertainment, workshops, exhibitors, prizes, competitions, freebies and much more. Join the FVSA Student Community on Microsoft Teams here for more information and updates throughout January (or join using the code - 6a880to).
You can also follow the Student Association on social media for the latest updates:
  • Facebook - @forthvalleysa
  • Twitter - @forthvalleysa
  • Instagram @fvsagram