New IT MA can help plug skills gap

New IT MA at FVC

New IT MA can help plug skills gap

Businesses across Scotland are being urged to improve their communications systems by taking on Information Technology Modern Apprentices (MAs) with help from Forth Valley College.

Due to the growth of the IT sector and demand for digital skills, the new one-year work-based MA programme will equip trainees with a recognisable qualification and desirable skills based either in the IT Support or Cyber Security fields.

These highly trained MA employees will be ideal for any company which has a designated IT department as it covers everything from cyber security to programming and telecoms. Industry recognised Diplomas (to SVQ Level 6) in either Information Security or Information Technology and Telecommunications will be the goal for MAs who successfully complete the programme.

In Scotland alone around 13,000 jobs in this area need to be filled each year, making the new IT MA programme an attractive prospect for firms.

Forth Valley College will help companies with the recruitment process, tailor the training to meet their needs and provide work based assessors and dedicated business development partners to answer any questions and deal with any issues raised during the term of an MA’s training.

Jennifer Tempany FVC’s Head of Business Development in Business Development, said: “We are confident that this new MA programme could be just what businesses are looking for to meet the digital skills gap we currently have in Scotland. Our programme develops a broad and innovative skillset, has a strong focus on hands-on practical training and meets the requirements of a highly regulated industry.

“The college’s excellent reputation in Computing is also a major plus point for anyone thinking of linking up with us in this programme. We are excited at the prospect of being at the forefront of training the next generation of IT and cyber security professionals.”

More than 60,000 people are employed in tech businesses across Scotland with 60% working in tech roles and 40% working in other types of jobs. The top three employment areas are Glasgow City (29%), Edinburgh (23%) and West Lothian (9%). 

Tech professionals are in demand across the whole economy and over 90,000 people are employed in tech roles in all sectors in Scotland - a 10 per cent increase in employment from 2015-2016. Two fifths are employed in tech businesses with the remainder employed in other sectors such as finance, creative industries, engineering and healthcare.

Claire Gillespie, key sector manager for ICT and digital skills at Skills Development Scotland, said: “The digital technologies sector is expanding and is a key contributor to the economic growth and global competitiveness of every sector in Scotland. 

“This growth is creating significant job opportunities for skilled workers, particularly young people and other new entrants across a wide range of roles. The Digital Technologies Skills Group is working to broaden the talent pipeline for the future to ensure Scotland can achieve its digital potential.” 

Anyone looking for more information on the new IT MA programme, should call 01324 403000 or visit


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