Epic Scottish history lessons on eight week evening course

Carol Crawford

Epic Scottish history lessons on eight week evening course

Everything from the ‘Braveheart’ myth to castles and from Scottish identity to the enlightenment, will be studied on a history evening course to be held at Forth Valley College’s Falkirk Campus.

History Through Heritage: A Cultural Journey Through Scotland’s Historyis due to start on Tuesday 19 April (6pm-8pm) and there are just 11 places up for grabs for the class which runs for eight weeks and costs £70.

The first week will see an introduction will identify what a primary source is and introduce evaluation skills by using the Declaration of Arbroath as an example.

Students will be analysing the ‘Braveheart’ Myth -John Barbour’s Brus and Blind Harry’s The Wallace, in the second week and will follow that with the Reformation and Renaissance - An Analysis of Cultural Change Week four will concentrate on Castle Studies, before the group move on to The Union of the Crowns and Theories on Kingship.

The Scottish Enlightenment will be next and will look at the main scientific and intellectual accomplishments of the period of the Scottish Enlightenment. It will also look at some ideas prevalent during the period, but will be looking mainly at the cultural influences the enlightenment had on architecture, art and music.

Burn’s and Scott - Defining Scottish Identity,  will be the focus of week seven and the final week will recap everything that has been learned and a quiz will be held to test what students have learned and retained. The group will also discuss each individual learner’s research assignment.

Carol Crawford, who will be teaching the class, said:

“I have been fascinated with Scotland’s history for as long as I can remember and I can’t wait to pass on all I have learned over the years. There will be excitement, treachery, intrigue, achievement, laughs, tears, inspiration, joy and pride – to name but a few feelings – along the way and it will be a great journey through the eight week course.”


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