College Sector Launches its Statement of Ambition

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College Sector Launches its Statement of Ambition

The Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science, Richard Lochhead MSP, launched the college sector in Scotland’s Statement of Ambition on Wednesday 5 December at an event held at West Lothian College.

The college sector is ambitious, and Colleges Scotland has been working with colleges and key stakeholders to develop a vision for the sector in Scotland. The Statement of Ambition sets out a vision, mission and series of values for the college sector for the five years 2018-2023. A set of underpinning ambitions have also been outlined which will support the achievement of the vision by the sector.

A film of best practice from across the college sector – including interviews from students and staff at FVC’s Falkirk Campus Engineering and Science Department (see photographs) – was used to help launch the Statement of Ambition. To view click here .

The college sector’s ambitions are wide reaching and challenging, given the critical role that colleges play has a significant impact on all parts of Scotland’s society and economy.

The Statement of Ambition is built on the three pillars of developing our people and partnerships, supporting a successful economy, and helping communities thrive. Achieving these ambitions will maximise colleges’ influence across Scotland.

 Ken Milroy, Chair of Colleges Scotland, said: “The Statement of Ambition has developed from a recognition that Scotland’s economy and labour market is changing at such pace as to be labelled the fourth industrial revolution; that individuals seeking education, skills and training are demanding a more personalised and flexible learner journey; and that Scotland’s colleges will deliver across these and other priorities by ensuring that our strategy is bold, progressive and ambitious.

 “This document highlights the importance of colleges to inclusive economic growth and demonstrates how the sector can continue to meet the evolving needs of learners and employers.

“As a sector, we deliver high-quality learning and teaching while providing people with the necessary professional, technical and vocational skills not only for today’s, but also for tomorrow’s workforce. Our colleges – located across every region of Scotland – are intrinsic to the success of our country and are embedded in all our communities.

“Colleges are the linchpin upon which inclusive, sustainable economic growth is realised and the sector is determined to make that happen.”

Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science Richard Lochhead said: “Scotland has the most qualified population in Europe, and the quality of learning and level of equality across the college sector has never been higher.

“To compete successfully in a rapidly changing economy, employers need a workforce equipped with a broad range of skills and knowledge. Employers are increasingly recognising the benefits of working with a sector that is prepared to adapt curriculums to the needs of industry.

“I welcome this statement of ambition which will drive forward innovation in the sector while protecting the environment of equality and excellence our colleges are already known for.”

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