College are partners in Critical Engineer Project

Critical Engineering - event at FVC

College are partners in Critical Engineer Project

A new website and online event resource hopes to help small and medium sized engineering firms, to develop a culture of innovation across Scotland.

The Critical Engineer Project is a partnership between Forth Valley College, West College Scotland and the University of Highlands and Islands (UHI) as well as industry and skills leaders.

The new resource has created a suite of interactive online sessions that will help equip small and medium sized enterprises in these challenging times with the skills, confidence and pathway to thrive in Scotland’s Manufacturing 4.0 landscape, including collaboration with the National Manufacturing Institute for Scotland (NMIS).

Jennifer Tempany, Forth Valley College’s Director of Business Development, said: “We are delighted to be involved with the Critical Engineer Project and excited to be working with our colleagues at West College Scotland and the University of Highlands and Islands – and our industry partners – to help drive forward engineering innovation in Scotland.

“We are one of the largest trainers of Modern Apprentice engineers in Scotland and have an excellent reputation of providing a very high standard of training to the next generation of industry professionals. Our involvement in the Critical Engineer Project shows that we are once again among the sector leaders in new creative initiatives  which are helping to make learning work for our students and our partner employers.”

Paul Fagan, Head of Enterprise at Employability at West College Scotland, said: “As the economy recovers from Covid19, West College Scotland is delighted to be leading a transformational, national project to support Small and Medium Enterprises develop the skills of their workforce to prosper in Scotland’s Advanced Manufacturing economy.

"Our ‘Critical Engineer’ events will be the first, exciting step for SMEs to embark upon an ‘innovation journey’, along which, they will collaborate with other firms, support agencies and academic institutions; unlocking essential business support, technology, training and innovation for their firm."

Events include:

'Change through the Lens of Covid' is Critical Engineer’s latest events earmarked for January 21 (West College Scotland event), January 28 (Forth Valley College event), February 4 (UHI event) 2021.

It will provide an opportunity for leaders in the industry to share their experience and knowledge of their businesses and their employees as well as helping them plan for where they want to be in the future.

During the free 3½ hour presentation and workshop seminar, those registering will hear from a Leadership Panel, comprising NMIS, AFRC, Enginuity and their regional college, about what they are doing to help SMEs like them navigate a path through COVID19.

In Reflective Sessions, they can share their current own perspective, and learn about those of their industry colleagues as Critical Engineer believes a national innovation discussion, will help everyone to engender a better understanding of what is needed to inspire growth.

Discovery Sessions will also allow employees to learn practical solutions from experts at the cutting edge of Design Thinking, Data and Critical Thinking, that firms can apply within their SME to better prepare for Manufacturing 4.0

To register and find out more about The Critical Engineer Project click here.




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