Chelsie’s work is shown at Tate Modern

Chelsea Dysart

Chelsie’s work is shown at Tate Modern

Forth Valley College Art and Design student Chelsie Dysart has been boosted after her work was shown at this summer’s re-opening of the prestigious Tate Modern Gallery, in London.

Chelsie (21) from Alloa – who is in the third year of her BA Art and Design degree based at FVC’s Stirling Campus – had a set of five prints which depict and explain modern-day relationships, shown on TV screens during the new Tate Modern opening weekend from 17-19 June. At one point one of Chelsie’s images was also projected on to the main wall of the vast turbine hall.

Chelsie, who specialises in print-making, said:

“I saw a call for artists on the Creative Scotland Opportunities website. They were looking for work that could be used for a big installation called ‘Future Late’ to show the work from a new generation of artists. So I sent off this set of five prints and they got back to me to say they were going to use them.

“I still can’t believe that they did, but it has been a massive confidence booster. I was invited down to the re-opening in June, but sadly I couldn’t make it as I was working. To have artwork associated with the Tate is great, especially when you think of all the other great names that are associated with that museum. It is a brilliant thing to put on my CV.

“My advice to any other young student is just to send their artwork out and apply for every opportunity you come across and get feedback. You never know what could happen.”

Creative Industries Lecturer, Dorothy Balmer, said: “To have your artwork featured in an exhibition in Britain’s leading gallery for contemporary art is an amazing achievement and an opportunity that for many artists is only a dream. We’re extremely proud of Chelsie and delighted that she has had the experience to show her work alongside other talented artists of the future – she’ a credit to the department.”

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