Covid-19 Safety Measures

At Forth Valley College we are committed to ensuring the safety of our candidates and staff.  Therefore we have adapted the way we deliver training and put in place a number of measures to prevent further spread of Covid-19 when on campus, creating a Covid Secure environment.

Pre-Course Information

• A corona virus Pre-Course Checklist will be sent to all candidates asking them to confirm that they have not been exposed to Coronavirus and also asking them to confirm that during practical activities where 2 meter physical distancing is not possible they will wear a face mask.

• Candidates are requested to bring a water bottle and a flask of Tea/Coffee as the canteen will be closed until further notice.

• Candidates are requested to bring their own lunch (lunch breaks will take place in the classroom).

• Candidates are requested to bring their own safety boots, overalls, eye protection, gloves and a face covering.

Pre Course Requirements

• We have installed floor markings and appropriate signage to indicate safe distance and travel across campus.

• Enhanced cleaning of all campuses is in place.  This includes all classrooms, workshops, offices and public areas

• Candidates will be led into the classroom where they will fill from the back maintaining the 2 meter rule.

• A safety brief will be conducted, and physical distancing precautions explained for each area and given again when moving from one area to another and prior to conducting any assessments.

"The social distancing aspect in the place is very positive. Massive thanks to the team. The online training tools were very helpful and clear to understand."

Derek Bradley, CompEx Candidate from Wood

Classrooms and Workshop – Additional Physical Distancing Measures

• There are floor markings and appropriate signage to indicate safe distance and travel.

• Hand sanitiser is provided in classrooms and there is access to sink facilities in workshops for regular hand washing.

• Candidates will be encourage to wash their hands on a regular basis paying special attention prior to and after using any shared resources.

• Candidates will be called by name to move between classroom and workshops and allocated areas for briefings or demonstrations.

• Classroom tables and chairs will be wiped down throughout the day by candidates and all books and paperwork cleared and stored at the end of each day.

• Where possible breaks will be taken within the class with candidates remaining at their desks to maintain physical distancing measures.

• All spaces will be well ventilated using natural ventilation via windows or ventilation units.

• During practical inspection gloves and face masks must be worn by the candidate and Commercial Trainer.

• Candidates will be allocated a FVC tool box and all accessories to be used for the duration of the course.

• Sharing of tools and equipment will be avoided where possible.

• Where possible breaks will be taken within the class area with candidates placed in small groups adhering to physical distancing measures.

Risk Assessment

Covid-19 specific risk assessments have been carried out which covers all classroom and workshop activity, the additional risks and control measures required to be put in place to mitigate risks and ensure correct protection is known and communicated to staff and candidates.


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