SVQ/MA Diploma for Information Security Professionals SCQF Level 6

Please note that candidates must be employed to undertake this programme.

The Diploma for Information Security at SCQF level 6 covers the principles and purpose of information governance, threats to information security, how to manage and assess risks to information, and health and safety procedures applicable to learners’ job roles within the IT sector. 

Apprentices undertaking this programme will gain qualifications and skills that not only enable them to effectively operate IT systems, but also allow them to develop their business and interpersonal skills, which are also vital parts of the process of becoming an information security professional.


To attain the qualification candidates must complete 96 Credits in total and comprises of:

25 Mandatory Credits
71 Optional Credits

Candidates must achieve 96 credits:

  • 25 from Mandatory Group A

  • at least 39 from Group B of which at least 27 must be from Group B1

  • at least 20 from Group C of which at least 7 must be from Group C1

  • the balance from any other units.

  • At least 34 of the optional unit credits must be at SCQF Level 6


Where a family of units exists at more than one level only one unit can contribute to a qualification

Mandatory Units for MA Candidates

  • Communication (SCQF level 5)
  • Working With Others (SCQF level 5)

  • Problem Solving (SCQF level 5)

  • Information and Communication Technology (SCQF level 6)

  • Numeracy (SCQF level 5)






The Diplomas for Information Security Professionals at SCQF levels 6 could provide progression to a range of employment opportunities, such as:


  • Network security

  • Secure systems development

  • Information assurance

  • Penetration testing

The Diploma for Information Security Professionals at SCQF Level 8.



This programme is suited to those employed in the IT sector, learners in FE, individuals who are currently in employment and who wish to obtain a formal qualification or employers who wish their employees to obtain specialist training in this field.  No prior qualifications are required to undertake this qualification, although experience in/knowledge of subject would be an advantage.


Examples of formal entry qualifications include:


  • qualifications at SCQF level 5 or above.


For further advice on course content, funding/costs, please contact the Business Development Team on 01324 403068 or email

  • Location

    Falkirk Campus

  • Attendance

    SVQ/Modern Apprenticeship

  • Start date


  • End date


  • SCQF Level

    Level 6

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