Raspberry Pi - Evening

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized mini-computer which is produced by a charity to train the next generation of techy-savvy kids. This course will provide an introduction to the power and fun of programming to young learners (14+). Revolutionising the world of programming, and completely transforming the way people view computing, the Raspberry Pi has opened up the inner workings of the world of computing to a much a wider audience, and with this course you can get your hands on one of the most exciting and innovative new developments in computing.

Digital skills will undoubtedly be key to opening up a whole range of job opportunities in the future, and this course is intended as a first step in learning the vital language of coding.

No entry requirements.

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    Falkirk Campus

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  • Start date

    07 September 2017

  • End date

    16 November 2017

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  • SCQF Level

    Level 6