Jennifer Petrie

Jennifer Petrie
Jennifer Petrie

Jennifer Petrie (22) from Grangemouth completed a HND Beauty Therapy at Forth Valley College and gave her the confidence to become a graduation prizewinner in 2022.

She said: “I feel as though my experience of studying at the college has created a confidence that I didn’t know I had. I started studying Beauty Therapy back in August of 2017 (repeated a year due to COVID) as a very shy individual who was scared to speak up in class to answer questions. But everyone around me can see how much I have come on as a person from studying at FVC. Each year of studying has given me a better knowledge within the subject, so therefore it has made me more confident as a person.

“I had chosen the College as my place of study due to it being close enough to where I lived. It was convenient for travelling back and forwards to the Falkirk Campus, as well as the fact that it had the courses available to me to be able to enter into my chosen career path.

“The facilities were great! Having started my college journey within the old campus, I was glad that I got to experience student life within the new Falkirk Campus before my college days were over. I enjoyed how bright and fresh the new building is and when you walk into the College it is such a good atmosphere.

“The lecturers I had over my five year college experience were good also. Within the Beauty Department there are so many great people, all there to help and they genuinely want to see you do well from the courses you are studying. HND Beauty Therapy wasn’t easy by any means, however the lecturers were there to help with every aspect, supporting us with what we needed as well as being a shoulder to cry on when the students were having a wobble with the stresses that come along, with meeting deadlines and getting stuff completed.

“Due to the fact that I was passing each year and wanting to push myself more and more within the classes, I was realising my potential. This key element alone has helped me gain a full-time position within the salon I was already working in part-time.  The confidence as well as the knowledge and practical skills gained from college has made me a better therapist within the industry and because of this, I can carry out treatments more efficiently for my clients.

“FVC has already helped me move on to the next step in my career in so many ways. I am now working full time in a salon which I love. Due to having my HND Beauty Therapy qualification now, it opens up so many doors to more advanced courses that will help me keep up with industry trends. Having these qualifications will stay with me for life.

“So whichever way my career takes me next I will be able to do it a lot easier due to having done the correct courses to suit the needs of my career choice, and it will show the determination of studying for the length of time that I did to do what I love.

“I would recommend the course to other people looking to study here as it covers all bases and gives a good all round knowledge of everything needed, to be able to work within the beauty industry. The team within Hair and Beauty at FVC here are great and all work together as one. The support system is there and helps get you through.

“The beauty industry is vastly growing, however there are so many avenues you can go down with it and will always be needed within society. New trends and treatments are always coming out, so it never gets boring and each day working as a beauty therapist is different… different treatments and different conversations too. Also, it’s always great building client/therapist relationships and getting to know them. It’s very rewarding making people feel good about themselves.

“The best bit for me has definitely been getting my dream job out of it all. I knew I wanted to be a beauty therapist since I was young and to be able to say I am now in a full time job in a career that I have wanted to do for a long time, is a great feeling and I am proud of how far I have come. Meeting friends for life through studying has made it even better as we all helped each other get through it.

“I would recommend potential students to choose college as it’s a great experience no matter what course you are studying. It gives you proper qualifications that will be recognised by future employers. It’s great even if you have a hobby that you might like to turn into a career, as that’s what I have done and I enjoy what I do, so therefore it makes working full-time a bit easier knowing it’s my passion.

“The thing I loved most about my Forth Valley College experience has to be the people. I think I would have struggled a lot if I wasn’t surrounded by great people, who also had the same passion as myself. Knowing the girls in my class for five years by the end of my college journey, meant that we knew each other really well, and would be able to tell if anyone was struggling or not acting like themselves. We were a team that all worked well together to complete the course. Which at times, was the sort of support that was great within a learning environment.”