Aimee Stevenson

Aimee Stevenson
Aimee Stevenson

A former HND Hospitality student at Forth Valley College has acquired all the ingredients to become a Home Economics teacher after a tasty educational journey.

Aimee Stevenson (27) from Stirling, first began her ambitious path on a Skills for Work course at FVC back in 2010 while at high school.

She explained: “I took on the course and thanks to Chef Lecturer Mandy Frazer, I also had the opportunity to compete in the regional Future Chef competition where I came in fourth place. This sparked my interest in Cookery and left school to study City and Guilds Professional Cookery in August 2010 leaving at the end of level 2.

“From there I worked in various restaurants and bars around the Stirling area both in the kitchen and front of house. Working front of house gave me a bigger sense of fulfilment and working with the public face to face, made me realise how much I missed meeting new people. From then I started my NC in Hospitality in August 2015 at FVC and graduated with my HND in 2018.

“I also had the one of the best experiences of my education by being selected to go on a scholarship to École hôtelière de Lausanne Switzerland. It was an amazing experience to see how people from across the world were taught and the differences between what we learn in Scotland compared to what they learn over there. I took some incredible skills and knowledge away from there that has helped in my career and education.

“I am currently studying BSc Food, Nutrition, and Health at Abertay University in Dundee. I am currently in my third year and I am currently on a nine week placement in the Home Economics Department at Stirling High School. This experience has inspired me to pursue a career as a home economics teacher.”

Aimee originally chose to study at Forth Valley College because it was close to her home. She already knew a couple of the lecturers due to studying beforehand and decided to go back to Forth Valley College.

She went on: “I choose to return to study at FVC due to knowing how well the staff help and support you on every aspect of your education. They really push you to acknowledge how much potential you have. The College offers so many opportunities to students who may never have the chance to enhance their education and future career.

“I could not fault the College on the facilities available. Everything was always exceptionally clean, in working order and the equipment we were allowed to use in the kitchen is probably something that you wouldn’t be able to use or gather knowledge about, if it wasn’t for the College.

“The lecturers are one of the main reasons I went back to study. They have the upmost patience with their students and are so supportive of what you want to do. They allow you to explore your skills and help you gain so much that will benefit not just your career, but day-to-day life. They make all students feel welcome and do what they can to ensure you have a positive experience, they really push you out of your comfort zone, which is needed from time to time in order for you to see how well you've done and what you can do when you really work for it.

“I can honestly say if it weren’t for the College, I would not be in the same place I am just now, they really helped me grow as a person and put what I want out of my life and career into perspective. They helped me mould the path I’m on by allowing me to harvest different skills and build on my previous skills and knowledge.

“I found that due to most of the course being practical, the hands-on experience you obtain from Forth Valley College is unlike anywhere else I have been. They show you what the real-world is like and prepare you for whatever may come your way.

“The College has given me the push I needed to realise what I want to do in my career, it allowed me to me to gain the qualifications I needed to ensure my place at Abertay. It also gave me the skills and knowledge to become a hospitality supervisor for couple of years, FVC gave me the confidence to go into the working world and prepared me for the expectations that establishments have.

“I would highly recommend the courses I have taken at the College as they show you every aspect of the industry, which might not be the case in other colleges. The opportunities are endless at FVC, they have so many ways to help you build yourself and your skills that will help with future career plans, or even to try new things that you would never have had the chance to do before. They ensure that you have nothing but support and will go above and beyond for their students to ensure they get the best experience possible.

“There are so many points through my time there that I loved being a part of, although if I had to pick my top best bits, it would have to be sitting assessments, allowing us to run the kitchen for the afternoon and setting up the Gallery Training Restaurant for the themed days. It was always genuine fun and gave you a chance to be creative, something that you did not have the chance to do very often. The scholarship to Switzerland was also one of my most remarkable moments and experiences, I would encourage everyone to apply for any of the opportunities that is offered at FVC.”

Summing up her experience at Forth Valley College in three words, Aimee, said: “Memorable, influential and supportive”