Aliyah Rashid

Aliyah Rashid
Aliyah's Bookcase

A construction course at St Modan’s High School run by Forth Valley College has proved to be a real inspiration for 15 year-old Aliyah Rashid.

Aliyah from Stirling chose to study construction as it sounded interesting and she likes subjects where pupils can work with their hands. It has led to her building a stunning wooden book case cabinet that has been donated to the Dawson Mission in Falkirk.

She said: “The facilities at St Modan’s were very good and I was allowed to play my music to help me focus, which I really liked. The lecturers were also very nice and funny and quite laid back.

“My experience of construction has been very good and I have been able to work hard with people that actually wanted to finish the project. Completing this course has helped me learn the basic skills involved with construction and will help me with even more skills, even if I don't take this on as a full-time career.

“I would recommend this course to other people because it shows you every step of how you can build something amazing from nothing. You also learn a lot skills in the woodwork side of things and the painting side of it too.

“I can't really say what the best bit of this course has been, because I enjoyed every bit of it. I would recommend it because it is really good to learn these sorts of skills and you can earn quite a good living from a trade like this.”