Aiden McGrory

Aiden McGrory
Aiden McGrory

Aiden McGrory (22) from Stirling graduated with a HND Applied Biological Sciences.

He also won the most Inspirational Student in Engineering and Science at the 2021 Graduation ceremony and has now moved on to the University of Stirling to study a BSc in Animal Biology

Aiden, said: “I have been going to the College since I graduated high school in 2017. The reason I picked Forth Valley College was because they had the classes I needed in order to get to university, they were local, and that the campuses looked amazing.

“The facilities at both the Stirling and Falkirk campuses are great as there are plenty of places for you to sit down and study, hang out with classmates, and the food is really good! The lecturers are honestly ten out of ten. Every single one of them I had was so funny, helpful, and kind. If you didn’t quite understand something they didn’t mind at all going over it until you understood what exactly you were learning about.

“Studying at the College has taught me great skills that I will use the rest of my life such as report writing, lab skills, and researching skills. Forth Valley College has actually already helped me more onto the next step of my career as I am now in my second year at university studying animal biology!

“I would recommend the College and the course as studying biology there will help you with key skills needed in the industry. If you work hard you can easily get to where you want to be with the College’s help!

“The best parts of my years at Forth Valley College are the memories that I have made with students that became friends and the lecturers. I will never forget my time there.

“College will help you develop and refine the key skills needed in life. It is a great stepping stone between high school and university. By the time you get to university you will be used to the amount and level of work given to you, making your time at university more enjoyable and less stressful.

“During my time at Forth Valley College I lost two family members within a week of one another. The lecturers at the College gave me so much support and love during this dark time of my life and made it very clear I could approach them any time. If it wasn’t for all their help they gave me during that period I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing now and for that I am eternally grateful.”