We Make Electrical Safety Work

We offer nationally recognised courses in electrical safety from a wide range of industry accredited bodies including CompEx and City and Guilds.

Our courses are crucial to having a competent and highly skilled workforce.

Sector Leading Provider of Hazardous Area Safety Training located in Central Scotland.

Browse our CompEx and Hazardous Area Training Courses

CompEx Gas & Vapours (Ex01-04)

5 Day Course

CompEx Recognised Practitioners Programme (Ex01R-04R) (CompEx Refresher Course)

2 Day Course

CompEx DUST (Ex05-06)

3 Day Course

CompEx Foundation (ExF)

2 Day Course

CompEx Responsible Person (Ex14)

5 Day Course

CompEx Mechanical (Ex11)

3 Day Course

CompEx Design (Ex12)

5 Day Course

Why choose our training?

  • Ensure your workplace is compliant with statutory legislation 
  • Increased awareness of risks when working with electricity in hazardous environment 
  • Develop and implement safe working practices
  • Ensure hazard free environments


Download our Electrical Safety Brochure 

  • Improved knowledge and understanding of risk management 
  • Safeguard from accidents, avoid costly legal action and loss of profit
  • Something to suit everyone - from junior staff to senior management
  • Flexible modes of delivery and tailored packages 

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