Walking the walk to support 16 Days of Action

Walking the walk to support 16 Days of Action
White Ribbon Walk

Staff and students walked the walk today (9/12/21) to raise awareness of the 16 Days of Action, activism against gender based violence and also the White Ribbon Scotland Campaign.

Setting off from the Falkirk Campus the group (pictured) walked around the Helix Pond in support of the worldwide campaign and they also signed an online pledge to reinforce what the aims of the worthwhile cause.

The walk was also dovetailed with the College’s ongoing efforts to promote health and wellbeing and was organised jointly by Leisure Facilities Coordinator Wai Mun Lee and Diversity Coordinator Monica Medina.

Monica, said: “The walk to the Helix is just one of the many ways we can raise awareness around gender based violence. Our recent White Ribbon stall at the St Andrews day event revealed that GBV is a subject that affects many yet we still find it hard to talk about. Taboo subjects only reinforce silence around injustice so let’s get the word out that violence against women happens here and we’re doing something about it!

“Though violence against all genders happens regularly women are three times as likely to be victims. This is why White Ribbon Scotland concentrates on men’s influence over other men. By taking this angle it tackles a large chunk of the problem. If you haven’t already taken part, please sign the pledge that states: I will never commit, condone or remain silent about men’s violence against women in all its forms.”

Paul Sweeney, Chair of White Ribbon Scotland at Forth Valley College, said: “White Ribbon is the largest effort in the world of men working to end men’s violence against women. The campaign started in Canada in 1991, and in the UK in 2004.

“White Ribbon campaigns to end Men’s violence against women. While this is the main focus of White Ribbon, we are completely against, and encourage people to speak out against, all gender based violence.

“What we ask, simply, is for anyone regardless of gender, but males in particular, to sign a pledge to commit to never condone, commit or remain silent about violence against women.”

To sign up to the pledge go to Make Your Pledge - White Ribbon Scotland

Make sure to link your pledge to the FVC campaign.