Sound Production lecturer and students help create album best seller

Sound Production lecturer and students help create album best seller
Lecturer Barry Frame with Musician Scott Ashworth

A local Americana and Country music artist used Forth Valley College expertise to help his album reach number two in the charts – only beaten to the number one spot by Taylor Swift!

Scott Ashworth’s album Ghosts and Broken Men reached second spot on the iTunes Country Chart, and the popular musician was delighted with the input from Sound Production Lecturer Barry Frame and his students over a three year period.

Scott, said: "Although the process was really long, I am absolutely thrilled how the album has turned out. Barry has done an excellent job and well exceeded my expectations. The album has had excellent reviews from a number of well-known music critics and online magazines, as well as very high praise from the public.  We can’t wait to start the second one."

Barry, said: “I have been working with Scott Ashworth for the last three years. Ghosts and Broken men has been a massive production with all types of instruments being recorded such as drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, piano, trumpet, saxophone, pedal steel etc.

“Scott wrote the songs and came to me to record and produce them all, so I feature a lot on the album with me writing multiple guitar parts, piano parts, bass parts and making creative decisions with Scott to help him realise his vision.  

“Although this was a personal project, I was able to share some of the creative process of this album with the FVC Sound Production Department, for the last three years. For example, when the very first single from the album - Pity Clown - was released it got to number one in the iTunes Country Chart. But I gave students the recording session with only the recordings, no mixing, and got them to re-mix the track to where they thought it sounded good, and then got Scott to give them feedback like a real client.  

“There was also an opportunity for students to see the process of how an album is released and the how it is mastered for different formats, ie digital, CD, and Vinyl.  Overall, students were really intrigued and inspired and were really pleased for us when they heard that the album got to Number two in the iTunes Country chart.  Taylor Swift was number one but we were still chuffed that we got to number two.”