ESOL students are proud of their poster project

ESOL students are proud of their poster project
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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) students explored the cultures of other countries as well as their own in a globe-trotting project recently.

The ESOL class wanted to do something to showcase their own countries and as well as learning more about each other and the range of different countries and cultures that they represent. 

A poster project allowed them to share information about their countries including: geography, their home cities, national symbols, nature, music and dance… and they also watched a couple of videos on food, nature, history, famous people and landmarks for good measure.

The group are pictured here with FVC Lecturer Brenda Harrison at the back with student Anatoliy Dorofeyev. The other students from left to right – Maiia Antonenko; Duangporn Khongchuai; Tetiana Iliasova; Neeruta Bhandari (in the middle at the front); Nataliia Kukushkina; Anastasiia Isokova; Iryna Shulha; and Anna Paroli.

Lecturer Brenda Harrison, said: “We had a lot of Ukrainians in the class so as a group we agreed that each student would write about four different topics. The objectives for the project were set and agreed by the students. I simply facilitated the process.

“I have been impressed by the way the students engaged with the project, throwing themselves whole-heartedly into it, and ensuring that they worked on the project outside of the class, and that they all completed the work on time and were all ready to exhibit their work on Tuesday 28 March.

I am proud of the work that they have produced and proud of their attitude to the work. They all worked well together, supporting and encouraging each other. Also by doing this and focusing on their projects, their English communication skills have improved.”

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses at Forth Valley College are proving to be the ideal way to help graduates to progress in their chosen careers.

The ESOL Courses allow applicants to develop confidence in English and build speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to gain techniques to support them in everyday life or at work. The qualifications also develop vocabulary and knowledge of grammar, giving those who complete the courses a head start in the workplace.

FVC offers a wide selection of ESOL classes from SCQF level 2 (beginner) to level 6 (Advanced with National 5 and Higher exams).  Courses range from £125-£375, and can be eligible for a FEE Waiver, and are essential skills for those who plan to live, study and work in the UK. 

For more information e-mail or call 01324 403000.

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