Collective event proves popular at Falkirk Campus

Collective event proves popular at Falkirk Campus
One the couch at the Collective

‘The Collective’ an innovative event to celebrate and promote community engagement in the Forth Valley area and beyond, wowed visitors to the Falkirk Campus recently.

Organised by the Working With Communities staff team, ‘The Collective’ took place on the evening of Thursday 18 April in the Falkirk Campus Antonine Suite from 4-8pm. The dynamic event welcomed back – among other guests - alumni HNC Working with Communities students who have studied at the College and are now making a difference in communities across the region.

Also featuring information stalls from various stakeholders and partners from the Third Sector, the event focussed on showcasing the success of the courses, and also helped to start a conversation about whether the communities courses at the College are meeting the needs of the communities across Forth Valley.

There was also a surprise for one graduate of the HNC Working with Communities course – Sharon Tully - as she was officially presented with her graduation scroll by College Principal Kenny MacInnes.

Lecturer Stewart Ritchie (pictured here on the left interviewing former student Kristie McIntosh and former lecturer Billy McChord), hosted the event with great aplomb and acted as assured interviewer to chat to former students and staff to hear about their journey at college and since leaving to begin their careers. He was ably assisted by several willing colleagues including Anne Reid, Ruth Davis and Andy Wake.

Stewart, said: “This event was about showcasing the courses, developing networks with partners in the community and celebrating the students both past and present. However, it became a wee bit more than that. It also showed the staff how powerful the college experience can be. Every one of the returning graduates, and there were loads of them, came back to support the College and the courses. They did so because of the support they received and the positive experience they had when they were at college. One student came up to me at the end and said that even after 11 years, coming back felt like ‘coming home’. It really was an inspirational few hours.”

Sharon Tully, who unfortunately was unable to attend last year’s graduation ceremony, but who has been invited to attend next year’s to enjoy a full graduation experience, said: “I was helping out with the teas and coffees tonight and didn’t expect this, but it was a very nice surprise. I can’t tell you how much I value this qualification, I would recommend it 100%”

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