Writing for Publication - Evening

This course considers the different possible ways to have your work published so that it can be discovered by a public readership. Subjects such as copyright law, adaptation rights and legal contracts are all covered. In addition to the publication process itself, the course will consider what is involved in effective authorship after your book is released into a highly competitive market, looking at publicity, events and building a personal profile as a writer.

Attendees will gain knowledge of what is involved in considering a career as a writer, including working with publishers, publicists and literary agents. Copyright law, financial matters and licensing rights will all be addressed, as well as the types of post-publication matters which might be expected once a book is on sale.

The instructor is a director of an independent publishing house which has been named Independent Publishing Company of the Year at the Scotland Prestige Awards in 2021/22 and 2022/23.

In Writing for Publication, you will learn to:

•    Approach literary agencies and publishing companies in the most effective way.
•    Work in a collegiate way with editorial staff and other publishing representatives.
•    Evaluate publishing contracts and know how, where and when to seek legal advice.
•    Discern how royalties and advances are paid out by publishers.
•    Understand the complexities of copyright law, including ‘Fair use’, public domain and Creative Commons licenses.
•    Find out how to gain clearance for images, including from stock photography archives.
•    Protect your own copyright from others, such as when and how to register a trademark.
•    Build your social media presence, including podcast interviews and video promos to publicise your work.
•    Negotiate translation rights and adaptation rights for your work.
•    Appreciate what is involved in book signings and literary events, including giving readings and taking part in Q&A sessions.

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Stirling Campus





Start date

20 February 2024

End date

26 March 2024

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