NPA Cyber Security (SCHOOLS)

***PLEASE NOTE - only pupils who will be at school during session 2021/22 can apply for this course***

The NPA in Cyber Security will provide foundation knowledge and skills in data security, digital forensics and ethical hacking.

The aim of the award is to produce knowledgeable and skilled individuals who are aware of the potential misuses of, and unauthorised access to, computer systems but who use these competences for legal and ethical purposes.

You will learn to improve your cyber hygiene and identify security weakness safely, legally and ethically.

Ethics and the law are fundamental aspects of these awards. Ethical considerations are included in every component Unit, and legislative considerations are included in all appropriate Units.


The career path for this course is further study.

Progression from this course is to further study. 

Passed National 4 Maths, English and Computing Science

For more information, please contact your pupil support teacher in your school.

  • Location

    Falkirk Campus

  • Start date

    24 August 2021

  • End date

    17 June 2022

  • SCQF Level

    Level 5