Step into Health and Social Care (Includes Introduction to Early Years) (Stirling) Level 4

This is a great starter course for anyone interested in a career working in support services or with children. The  SCQF Level 4 Health and Social Care course starting in Aug 2023 and completing  January 2024 includes personal development content aimed at increasing the students confidence and self-awareness, which are vital attributes for working in care.  

This course has broad knowledge content giving students an introductory understanding of the value base related to working in care services, incorporating workplace visits, guest speakers from care services and early years as well as care skills development and knowledge. The student will be learning about uniformed services as well as the basic care and development needs of early years through to adulthood. The course has a focus on the personal development of the student in relation to building confidence and self-awareness.

Working in care services in entry level employment, such as care or support assistants.

Progression onto level 5 in Health and Social Care and Early Years courses.

Applicants may have completed some Level 3 and Nat 4 units, however broadly  the course entry criteria is aimed at applicants who would like to work in the care sector. Students undertaking this course should have good communication skills and a genuine interest in the wellbeing of others. Students should possess the qualities that are required to work in care services which include kindness, patience and empathy.  Applicants should ensure that their personal statement is focussed on career and study in Health, Social Care and Early Years.

There is a component of personal development and support for study for the student integral to this learning.

Course selection will be based on information on the application form and the applicant may be contacted to give further detail. The applicant is advised to ensure their application includes a strong personal statement as well as any information they would like to include in support such as volunteering etc


Stirling Campus



Start date

15 January 2024

SCQF Level

Level 4