Human Body Structure and Function - Online Learning Course

The Human Body: Structure and Function is an online non-accredited course, designed as a preparatory unit for those wishing to refresh their knowledge of the human body.

This course is often recommended by universities as a condition of your enrolment on a nursing course. The unit takes an estimated 10 to 15 hours to complete and costs £30.00 (fee waivers do apply).  On completion a Forth Valley College Certificate is awarded.

Please note once payment is confirmed your details will then be passed on for processing, this may take up to 48 hours.

This course materials will be available from 31 January 2021.

This interactive online course provides an overview of the major structures of the human body including:
Endocrine System
Circulatory System
Renal System
Respiratory System
Digestive System
Body Tissues
At the end of this unit you should:

Be able to describe the major organs of the body and their location.
Be aware of the terms used to describe the major systems of the body
Understand how blood is circulated and the role that arteries and veins play

Be able to describe the following:

How temperature regulation occurs in the body
How digestion of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins is carried out
The function of the kidneys and liver
The function of the lungs

Please note that this online course is not compatible with Apple products or devices



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