ICDL - Online Learning Course

The International Certification of Digital Literacy is an internationally recognised qualification certified in the UK by the British Computer Society.

The certificate shows that the user has a proficient level of knowledge in the use of the Microsoft Office range of products, as well as an understanding of how to use a computer, e-mail and use the internet.

The course fees charged cover workbooks, exercise files, one mock assessment and one final examination for each module you are enrolled for.

All seven modules studied over a period of three years from the date of enrolment.

  • ICDL Module 1 - IT Security
  • ICDL Module 2 - IT User Fundamentals
  • ICDL Module 3 - Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
  • ICDL Module 4 - Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel)
  • ICDL Module 5 - Database (Microsoft Access)
  • ICDL Module 6 - Presentation (Microsoft Powerpoint)
  • ICDL Module 7 - Web Browsing and Communication (Internet Explorer & Microsoft Outlook)

Cost per person