Vicki Taylor

Vicki Taylor
Victoria Taylor

Vicki Taylor (40) from Alva, graduated with a HNC Childhood Practice and also won the Most Promising Student in the Department of Care, Sport and Construction award at FVC’s 2022 Graduation event at the Falkirk Town Hall.

Vicki, said: “I chose Forth Valley College as it provided the course that I needed to begin a career working within nursery. It was local and being a mature student, I wanted to complete the course and get going with my career in the shortest amount of time.  Forth Valley College provided that opportunity.

“The lecturers are amazing. A family situation arose for me early on in the course. I thought it would be too difficult to carry on, so informed them I would need to leave.  However, all three of my lecturers were so supportive and went above and beyond to make it possible to remain on the course. If it was not for them, I would not have finished and be working within my dream career. 

“The College has benefited me as I was able to gain work experience within a nursery during placement, which provided a great opportunity for hands on experience. The course is intense, but the wealth of knowledge it provides is priceless.

“Forth Valley College has helped me move on to the next step in my career as it allowed me to experience both the practical nature of a workplace, whilst learning and understanding the development of a child in the classroom. This has provided me with the confidence when interviewing for Practitioner roles.

“I would recommend the College and the course as the teaching staff really care about you, not only in an academic sense, but also as an individual. They want you to do well and do your best and will support you through it all.

“The best bit for me… well I loved being on placement. It brings everything you learn all together, and working with the children was amazing.

“I think potential students should choose college as there is a range of ages, and everyone is there to help and support you. I loved the opportunity to be back learning again with a great group like-minded people.”