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We understand that recruiting a Modern Apprentice (MA) is a big decision. Whether you already have a candidate in mind or require assistance in finding the perfect match, we are here to provide dedicated support.

Our seasoned team boasts extensive experience in recruiting MAs across diverse industry sectors. We offer comprehensive assistance, covering recruitment, selection, and support with funding applications. Make the choice with confidence, knowing you have a proficient team by your side.


  • Ensure your workforce have the skills to grow and succeed


  • Invest in the Future of your Business


  • Opportunity to pass on your experience to benefit your industry sector 


  • Financial Assistance is available to cover the costs of training




Modern Apprenticeships are beneficial for both employers and individuals looking to enhance their skills. Employers can tailor the training to meet their specific business needs, while passing on their experience and supporting the development of the apprentice.

By participating in a Modern Apprenticeship, individuals can earn a wage while gaining valuable on-the-job training and industry-recognised qualifications, helping them to become skilled and productive members of the workforce. 

Whether it's a new team member or an existing employee, Modern Apprenticeships provide a flexible and effective pathway for skill development through on the job training and industry recognised qualifications at Forth Valley College.


The College receives funding from the Scottish Government (Skills Development Scotland - SDS) which contributes towards the cost of the training. The funding from SDS depends on the age of the MA and also the sector in which they are working. SDS support new starts or existing employees from 16-24 years of age, they also fund MAs in some sectors for employees who need training or professional development to upgrade their skills who are over the age of 25.

In some cases the funding from Skills Development Scotland does not meet all the costs of the training and in those instances Forth Valley College will charge for any additional training costs.

Frameworks for Modern Apprenticeships

Frameworks, developed by relevant industry bodies and approved by the Scottish Modern Apprenticeship Group (MAG), are used to assess apprenticeships. They define the competence level and timescales that the apprenticeship must be delivered within.

The specific framework of a modern apprentice's training and qualifications is determined by the industry they are working in.

In Scotland, there are over 70 different MA frameworks and they are all designed to deliver a training package around minimum standards of competence defined by employers through SSCs. They all contain the same three key components:

  • A relevant SVQ or alternative competency based qualification – Work with Assessors to achieve units in the workplace.
  • Core skills – Working with Others, Problem Solving, Information and Communication Technology, Numeracy and Communication
  • Industry specific training – PDA or NC/HNC in the related industry

Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks at FVC

  • Administration
  • Chemicals and Biotechnology
  • Construction
  • IT Roles
  • Engineering and Energy
  • Facilities Management
  • Hairdressing
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Management
  • Retail and Customer Service
  • Sport, Health and Social Care

Employers we work with

  • Alexander Dennis Ltd
  • DPS Group
  • Edinburgh Airport
  • John Bean Technologies
  • Sulzer
  • Syngenta
  • Fieldcore

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