The Craft of Non-Fiction Writing

In this course, you will learn what is involved in developing a full-length work of non-fiction for publication. From identifying the field that you want to write in through to finding a route to getting a manuscript published, the course explores the different considerations which go into writing a book including finding the best research sources, matching a book's commercial potential to particular forms of publishing, and the usage of a range of software applications aimed at writers.

Attendees will gain an understanding of writing for the modern publishing industry and the challenges involved in marketing a book, as well as legal factors such as copyright, seeking to publish work in overseas markets, and other matters including adaptation into other formats.

The instructor is the author of eighteen published works on both sides of the Atlantic, and holds memberships with several national writers' organisations.

In The Craft of Non-Fiction Writing, you will learn to:

•    Pinpoint relevant literature to stay up to date with developments in your field.
•    Consider good grammar and structure, including key differences between writing in British English and International/American English.
•    Identify the best word length of different types of book.
•    Know the different types of writing software/applications for writers.
•    Determine which books sell best in a particular market.
•    Find the best research sources for your subject area, including online resources.
•    Think about potential readerships for your book.
•    Give consideration to traditional publishing methods as well as more recent developments such as eBooks, audiobooks and TV/film rights.
•    Reflect on conventional routes into publishing in addition to self-publishing, assisted self-publishing and crowdfunding.

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Stirling Campus





Start date

21 February 2023

End date

28 March 2023

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