While we make every attempt to ensure you get the most out of this website, you may find you can improve your browsing experience by altering particular browser settings.


ROKTalk is a screenreader that enables visitors to the website to hear written text spoken aloud in a clear life-like voice in a number of different accents without the need to download any software.

ROKTalk also you to change the background colour as well as the font size and type to suit your needs.

The shortcut for ROKTalk is at the top the webpage.


Accessibility Features in Internet Explorer 7


Zoom in on a Web page Use the Zoom feature to magnify text, images, and controls on the page.

Choose colours used on Web pages Make Web pages easier to see by changing the text, background, link and hover colours.

Change text size on Web pages Choose from smaller, smallest, medium, larger, or largest.

Choose the font style and size used on Web pages and documents Adjust this to make them more legible.

Choose accessibility settings for Web pages Choose to ignore colors, font styles, and font sizes specified on Web pages to make the pages easier to see.

Format Web pages using a custom style sheet Make Web pages easier to see and work with by adjusting several accessibility settings, browsing.

Choose advanced settings Improve accessibility by expanding alternative text, resetting text size and zoom levels, using smooth scrolling, showing pictures, playing animations, videos and sounds.


Firefox Accessibility Features

Readibility Removes all of the extra page elements and noise on a web page allowing you to focus on the article, post, etc that you wish to read without being distracted by things that do not pertain to the main content, and presents the cleaned up page in a customizable, simple, and easy to read format.

Theme Font Size Changer Changes the font size in all windows, menus, toolbars, etc.

Theme Font Size Changer Toolbar buttons to control Firefox's full page zoom feature.

AnyColour Quickly and easily create your own custom theme for Firefox that uses the background / foreground colours and images and text sizes that you specify.

Fire Vox Screen reader talking browser extension for Firefox.

Firefox Accessibility Extension More than 55 different accessibility tools to aid in web page navigation and use.

WebVisum An accessibility add-on that provides tools to make web pages more accessible to screen readers and the visually impaired.

CLiCk, Speak Text to speech extension at the touch of a button for Firefox.

Colourful Tabs An extension that marks each Firefox tab with a different colour for easier tab identification.

                                                                       Web Developer An extension that is not just for developers. Web Developer has over 150 helpful tools (including accessibility related ones) to use with Firefox.

Image Tweak Customise the way that you can view images in Firefox including image zooming, centering and setting the background colour that an image is viewed against.