Coronavirus FAQ

Page updated 22 May

We are working hard to ensure that our students achieve successful outcomes to enable them to progress to their next steps. 

It is important that all current students understand that the outcome of their qualification/course will take into account a number of elements.  This may include, assessment results achieved to date, course work, and other predicted outcomes. 

Students will still have work to submit/undertake in order to achieve their qualifications and therefore, must continue to engage with their lecturer or Curriculum Manager.  We anticipate that all results will be issued in early August as planned.

Discussions on work-based/practical activities are ongoing with the relevant awarding bodies and we will update all students when further information becomes available.  This includes placements and apprenticeship programmes.

We are doing everything we can to support students during this challenging time. 

We have used published SQA guidance to create a guide for teaching teams to support them in making appropriate estimations for each student. Teaching teams are currently looking at evidence which has been completed and partially completed to date and also areas where there are gaps in the evidence. 

Please note that we are still awaiting outstanding guidance from the SQA in regards to some qualifications which may have additional guidance.

You should continue to engage with your studies remotely as guided by your lecturer(s).

We have now received guidance from the SQA in regards to the estimate process for these qualifications and this has been circulated to teaching teams. The guidance can be found here.

Your teaching team is currently reviewing evidence that has been completed and partially completed to date and also areas where there are gaps in evidence. The guidance for colleges differs from schools in that we are able to continue gathering evidence, where required. Your lecturer(s) will be in touch if this applies to you.

The SQA are still in the process of working with SQA accreditation and Ofqual to find solutions to gathering evidence for the VQ components of these awards. Other awarding bodies are exploring alternative means of gathering evidence which is slowly filtering through and being circulated to the appropriate staff. The most recent SQA update on accredited qualifications can be found here.

You can also find further FAQs on the SDS website by clicking here.

Apprentices should continue to keep in touch with their contact at the College.

The SQA and Skills Development Scotland have issued an update in regards to certification arrangements for pupils undertaking a Foundation Apprenticeship this session.


You can read the full statement here.


We will be continuing to gather evidence for pupils where possible, in order for us to upload results on the SQA system as required.


We will also be continuing to be involved in discussions with SDS, the SQA and other colleges and universities in regards to how the letter of recognition will be viewed in regards to course admissions and progression for 2020.


No. Students should not currently attend their placement. 

If you have anxieties about the current situation and feel you would benefit from additional wellbeing support – please drop an email to or contact  

Forth Valley College students can also access the Big White Wall – an online service for people who are feeling anxious or stressed, which also has good advice for keeping healthy both physically and mentally. Students can access the free service by visiting and registering using their college email address.  There is lots of advice and guidance and there are also forums available 24/7 where other members can offer support overseen by trained professionals.  

College SDS Advisers are happy to offer careers guidance and support during college and SDS centre closures.

Please contact (Falkirk), (Stirling) and (Alloa).

We may contact you using either your college email address or the email address you used for your application.   Please check both accounts regularly.   Please update our Student Records Team if your contact details (including your telephone number) have changed – drop an email to

Yes, if students should continue to engage with their studies online during the closure. 

Please contact your Lecturer(s) or Curriculum Manager with any concerns. 

We have issued laptops to students who do not have access to a device to allow them to study remotely during the lockdown.

If anyone is experiencing difficulties with online learning, they should speak to their Lecturer(s) or Curriculum Manager. 


Students are advised that they must continue to engage with their learning to ensure they are not financially disadvantaged during the closure.

Childcare Providers have been contacted directly regarding payments from the College. 

There has been a recent change in the Funding Council Guidance that we need to follow and some childcare payments may stop or part payments will be made.  This is dependent on the Provider and the personal circumstances.  For any queries in relation to childcare costs please email

As your learning will be continuing online during this period, Forth Valley College will continue to take your direct debit payment as per your agreed payment plan.  If you are experiencing any difficulties in making these payments – please contact for further advice and support.

Please ensure you also make contact with your lecturer or Curriculum Manager as soon as possible to ensure minimise disruption to your studies.

Yes, these will continue to be paid as normal.

Students should continue to engage with their studies via new course arrangements.

Lots of guidance is available on the SAAS website and via SAAS Twitter account.

Funding will continue to be paid as normal.  At the moment, there are no plans for an additional support fund.

Students are advised that they must continue to engage with their learning to ensure they are not financially disadvantaged during the closure.

No, as students do not currently need to travel to College.

Travel allowance was removed from every award from week beginning 23 March, until further notice.  We have also removed travel for those students who were self-isolating/showing symptoms prior to 23 March, as they were not in attendance at College.


Yes, however you will need to request access.  Please send an email to confirming your name and student ID.  Turnaround time is approx. 24 hours.

In order for the request to be completed, you will also need to have enabled and accessed your College OneDrive on Office 365.  This can be accessed via Moodle.  If you haven’t already done this, please do so, as soon as possible.

Yes, there is still support available for students. Please visit the student care area on Moodle under ‘Continuity of Learning’ for contact details for Learner Advisers, Learner Development Workers and the Student Finance Team. 

Yes, we will still be paying EMA as usual. 

Please email with any queries you may have.