Coronavirus FAQ

Page updated 11 May

Please contact your curriculum team for guidance.

Staff are contactable by email. We will be able to provide individual guidance to students.


Yes – student funding payments will continue to be issued to students who are engaging with their studies via new course arrangements.

If you are unwell, please notify your Curriculum Manager as soon as possible to advise.

Lots of guidance is available on the SAAS website and SAAS Twitter account.

Lecturers have posted course materials on Moodle as the delivery of teaching and learning has moved online.

If you become unwell and cannot study, please inform your Curriculum Manager.

Your Module Co-ordinator at the University will keep in touch with you.

You are also welcome to raise any concerns with your Curriculum Manager or University Partnerships Officer.


Staff are working to develop online methods of delivering information.

You will be contacted in due course with all the information you need.

The University of Stirling are posting up-to-date information on Twitter, and they have an FAQ page on their website here:

The Scottish Government has also developed a website for student information, which covers COVID-19 FAQs:

If you are looking for further information on student funding, hardship funds and student accommodation, please contact the student services hub: 

Telephone 01786 466022
email:  or

Please also visit Stirling University website for  money advice. 

Many staff are on-hand to support you, please contact any of the following: (University Partnerships Officer) (Student Services, Forth Valley College) (Student Info Hub, University of Stirling) 

Your Curriculum Manager