Welding challenge sparks students’ interest

FVC SERC welding comp

Welding challenge sparks students’ interest

Two bright spark NC Welding and Fabrication students got all fired up to represent the college in an engineering challenge recently (10/05/19).

Kieran Duncan (19) from Falkirk and Rory McJannett (26) from Alloa volunteered to carry out a welding task, in direct competition with two similar students from South Eastern Regional College (SERC) in Northern Ireland. Forth Valley College has a Memorandum of Understanding and a very strong work relationship with SERC and hold regular best practice challenges across a number of departmental subjects.

This task involved cutting metal plates to size, and following drawings to create a small house model.

Lecturer Steven Elliot, said: “The welding ‘competition’ was the idea of Engineering and Science Curriculum Manager Des McCabe. When the welding challenge is complete the idea was to swap welding samples and then inspect, test and critique each other’s samples.

“We now have the situation where as the two colleges work together we can share our experiences on how we fabricated, welded and inspected each component and how the students faired in this process. This is done through Skype calls and a meeting with all the students involved in the collaboration at the end of May. There are no prizes, but I will certainly be making sure Rory and Kieran receive something, as they both volunteered and show the willingness to challenge themselves above and beyond their normal studies.”



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