Wai’s workshop helps Whins Resource Centre

Wai's workshop

Wai’s workshop helps Whins Resource Centre

Forth Valley College have once again teamed up with a Clackmannanshire Council social care team at Whins Resource Centre to help promote improvised physical activities to encourage their service users to get fit and healthy, and maintain mobility.  

The workshop, delivered by Wai Mun Lee, FVC’s Leisure Facilities Co-ordinator, on Friday 11 October, will enhance Adult Day Services staff knowledge and their experience in utilising their own in-house gym facility for the benefit of their service users. The workshop has also allowed staff to familiarise themselves with their fitness equipment, how to coach and encourage users to use equipment and how to make simple games into a structured physical activity for all to take part.

Wai Mun Lee, said: “It was a pleasure working with a new cohort of staff at Whins Resource Centre. The enthusiasm and passion they have in improving patient physical health and wellbeing is a credit to their organisation. I hope the workshop I delivered was as informative and engaging as the last one and will further enhance staff delivery of their physical activity programs to all their service users.”

Nicola Stewart, Senior Resource Worker, said: “Wai's workshop was fantastic. He fitted lots of useful hints and tips into the two hour session, and demystified the gym equipment for the staff team. He demonstrated lots of different exercises to get the full use out of our equipment, and how to adapt exercises for varying fitness levels. The games he demonstrated were really good, as it will help our staff team to make exercise fun and inclusive for everyone. The focus on improving reflexes to lessen falls will be very beneficial for our user group. Wai was brimming with enthusiasm for sharing his love of exercise, and our staff team came away with lots of ideas to benefit our service users. Thanks Wai!”

Scott Bisio, Senior Resource Worker, said: “The training and information session was really good, highlighting how exercise can be made fun by adding it into a simple game, and creating a little competition amongst our service user. Very useful!”

Amanda Stalker, Support Assistant, said: “I felt the training was very interesting. Wai gave a lot of ideas as to what we can do with service users and get them involved in the gym.”




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