Top employers offering prized MA opportunities

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Top employers offering prized MA opportunities

Exciting Modern Apprentice (MA) opportunities are available now at Forth Valley College for budding engineers and scientists.

Top employers such as Johnson Matthey, CalaChem, WGM and Alexander Dennis are looking to take on several enthusiastic new recruits to qualify through FVC’s MA programme and want to hear from potential applicants before the Friday 12 January 2018 deadline. To apply visit

An MA is a qualification gained whilst in full-time employment earning a wage.

Most of the learning will take place in the workplace, so applicants can look forward to lots of hands-on practical training. However, they will still be required to attend college on a part-time basis.

The programmes are range from two to four years in duration and apprenticeships can be structured in a variety of ways depending on the subject area and the employers’ requirements. Both programmes will include a Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) at Level 3 which will relate directly to the MA’s specific job and will be assessed on their skills in the workplace. As part of their apprenticeship they will complete other relevant qualifications such as a NC and HNC.

Core skills will also form an important element of an MA programme. Core skills include communication, problem solving, information technology and working with others. 

Miles Lagan, FVC’s Client Manager in the Department of Business Development, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for people who are thinking about a career in engineering or life sciences and to start their careers working for such prestigious companies is an even bigger incentive. We are looking forward to hearing from all those interested as soon as possible.”

Robbie Sneddon, from Bridge of Allan, currently an Engineering MA who works for Alexander Dennis Ltd in Falkirk, would definitely encourage people to apply. He, said: “I am enjoying it a lot and would recommend the programme to everyone with an interest in engineering. The best bit is that you earn while you learn. The work is good both in and outside of college and you are supported the whole way by lecturers and colleagues

“It has certainly improved my skills, therefore I am able to do tasks myself and complete them to the required specification. It really is a good way to start your career, which can lead you down multiple different paths.”

For more information on Modern Apprenticeships contact the FVC Business Development Department on 01324 403000.


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