Top chef visits Stirling Campus

Martin, Garry and Emma in the FVC kitchen

Top chef visits Stirling Campus

One of Scotland’s top chefs visited Forth Valley College’s Stirling Campus recently (Thursday 27 April).

Garry Gill head Chef at the exciting new A’Challtainn Fish Restaurant & Bar at Barras Art and Design (BAad) – winner of the List’s Best Newcomer of the Year award – met with Diane Creed, Head of FVC’s Department of Hospitality and Salon Services, was given a tour of the campus by Chef Lecturer Martin Luti and took time to give advice and receive feedback from HNC Professional Cookery student Emma Hair.

Emma (19) from Bannockburn – who has just secured a six month internship  with the Jumeriah Group in Dubai – was part of the 12 strong Forth Valley College Hospitality team who helped Garry host Masterchef Professional 2016 winner Gary Maclean serve up an exciting menu and Q&A and skills showcase at a packed A’Challtainn on the evening of Thursday 20 April.

Garry Gill, said:

“I have been very impressed with what I have seen today and the college has a really good set up. There is a strong possibility we will be linking up more with Forth Valley College in the future.

“I must say I find there is a totally different and positive attitude I have seen from hospitality students who come from Forth Valley College. You only need to show them once how to do something and they get on and do it. They are not afraid to ask if they are not sure about something which is great.

“Emma was one student who stood out 100% at Gary Maclean’s showcase at our restaurant last week and we were very keen to come up to see her here at the Stirling Campus to see what she thought about the experience.

“My advice to any cookery students would be that they have got to be happy with what they are doing. It is important that they learn all they can about cleaning up after themselves in the kitchen and about the financial side of ordering produce. It has definitely all changed since I was at college, when I think I saw the inside of restaurant kitchen about once in three years! I also remember a group of 12 of us being given one chicken and someone having to debone it.

“A lot of chefs do it just as a job for money, but it has got to be more than that, I have been a chef for a long time now and I feel I am only now in my dream job.

“I would really like to thank Forth Valley College and their students for their support during the successful Masterchef event.”

Emma, said:

“Taking part in the event at A’Challtainn was really great. We were under a lot of pressure, but what an experience it was and I really enjoyed it.”

Diane Creed, Head of FVC’s Department of Hospitality and Salon Services, said:

“We were delighted to welcome a chef with such industry standing as Garry Gill to our Stirling Campus recently. It is very important for our students to experience events such as the one held at A’Challtainn and they will undoubtedly benefit from this. We are certainly excited at the prospect of working closely with Garry in the weeks and months to come and can’t wait to get started.”

Chef Lecturer, Martin Luti, said:

“I have known Garry Gill for many years and am really happy that he was impressed by our team of students who took part in the showcase with Gary Maclean at A’Challtainn. It is a great endorsement for the college that he is willing to link up with our students again in more exciting projects and events in the future.”


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