Top author inspires FVC students at Book Club

Top author inspires FVC students at Book Club
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Popular Scottish author Chris McQueer popped in to Forth Valley College’s Falkirk, Stirling and Alloa Campuses this week (Tuesday 24, Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 May) to promote literacy skills, encourage freedom of expression and raise a laugh or two.

Organised through FVC’s Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) and funded by SLIC (Scottish Library & information Council), the Book Club - Motto: The first rule of Book Club…is you DO talk about Book Club - aims to bring back the joy of reading to students, providing a welcome break from academic texts.

Students who signed up for a four week period were offered copies of each of Chris McQueer's books, a selection of stationery items, colouring books and lunch and snack during meetings.

Friend of the College Chris was delighted to discuss his darkly funny and unabashedly Scottish books - 'Hings' published in 2017 which won the Best Short Story Collection at the 2018 Saboteur Awards and his next series HWFG (Here We F*****g Go) published in 2018 - and also several short stories.

Chris McQueer, said: “It was great fun meeting everyone at the book club. Great questions from the group and I had a brilliant time. Thanks for the questions and for making me laugh!”

The Book Club, has been a great success with the initial target of 30 being easily surpassed and reaching a total of 51 students taking part in the group over the three campuses.

David Gentles, Learning Skills and Resource Centre, said: “The book club has been great fun and the students have really engaged with the stories by Chris McQueer. It’s been wonderful seeing the joy in the students’ faces as we read the humorous tales. It’s also been a joy to see students come out of their shell, engaging with the group and sharing their thoughts. Thanks to the support of staff and students who have promoted the groups and taken part. 

Chris Duff, Learning Skills and Resource Assistant, said: “There have been so many positives for everyone attending the Book Club. Some students who did not have the confidence to read aloud in the first week, were reading in front of the group using actions and accents by week two. The stories have sparked discussions regarding the Scottish dialect, characters having authentic voices and even why situational swearing is a necessity at times. I hope that this is just the opening chapter of The LRC Book Club!”