Smith to host students’ photo exhibition

Smith exhibitors

Smith to host students’ photo exhibition

A snappy idea between three classmates walking home from college has led to their work being exhibited in one of Scotland’s best loved museums throughout the summer.

Three Forth Valley College first year HND Photography students – Alan Gardiner (29) from Plean near Stirling, Patrice Hunter (22) from Bonnybridge and Andrew Sherriff (37) from Falkirk - are gearing up for excellent exposure when their work is exhibited at Stirling’s Smith Art Gallery and Museum this summer.

Entitled ‘The Eyes of the Wanderer’, the exhibition will run from Thursday 12 May until Sunday 31 July, and will feature 21 photographs (seven each) encompassing a wide range of themes and subjects, rather than just pigeonholing the exhibition into one single theme such as landscapes, portraits or views of Scotland.

Alan Gardiner, who has volunteered as an archivist and photographer for the museum for more than a year, said:

“It is a great way for me and my two classmates to end our first year as HND Photography students.  The exhibition came about as result of a discussion between me, Andrew and Patrice whilst on our way home from college one day at the end of March.

“From this, and my involvement as a volunteer archivist and photographer for the museum, I went and asked the museum curator if it was possible if we could have a small exhibition of our work, and they agreed.  So now we find ourselves on the brink of finally hanging our pictures and then allowing the many visitors to the Smith to enjoy looking at them over the summer months.

“All in all, the whole process has been very enjoyable and I am very much looking forward to the exhibition. It has also given me a valuable insight into how to curate and prepare to hold an exhibition, which I hope will stand me in good stead for eventually holding my own photographic exhibitions in the future or if I decide to pursue a career in world of museums and art galleries.

“It is just a great way to end the term. I can’t thank the many wonderful people at the Smith Art Gallery and Museum enough, for all of the help and encouragement that they have given me, and for the fantastic opportunity that they have given us, as well as allowing me to go and do voluntary work in such an exciting and unique environment.”

Andrew, said: “I am excited to exhibit my work at the Smith Art Gallery in Stirling. It is an amazing opportunity to display the new skills I have learned at college to a wider audience. I am proud of the work I have been able to produce and grateful for the experience and guidance of my inspirational lecturers.”

Patrice said: “I would first like to thank Alan for being kind enough to involve me in this fabulous opportunity. The Smith Art Gallery is beautiful and I am very excited for my photos to be displayed. When I started the course last August I had no idea that an opportunity like this would ever come around and I feel incredibly privileged to be involved. It is an exciting and new venture and I just hope more opportunities like this arise. I can’t think of anything better than showing people your own unique take on the world through your camera. Exhibitions like this are just the perfect opportunity to do that.”

FVC Creative Industries lecturer Suzanne Galloway, said: “We are delighted that Alan, Andrew and Patrice will show off their photographic skills from the first year of their HND photography course at the Smith Art Gallery. They have gained the confidence to make their own connections with the Gallery and organise, curate and exhibit their own photographs over the summer. The photography team at the college are really proud of them!”

Michael McGinnes, Collections Manager and Keeper of the World's Oldest Football at the Smith Art Gallery and Museum, said:

"It has been a privilege to work with these young people and particularly Alan who has volunteered with us for nearly a year.  It is our policy to encourage young people to work with us and to help them follow a career path that they so obviously enjoy. Allowing a small area for an exhibition could make a huge difference in their future careers.”


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