Short film role for sound production students

Barry, Kyle and Jason

Short film role for sound production students

Sound Production staff and students at Forth Valley College have been working on a live project to enhance the soundtrack of a short film.

Sean Young – director of Please Come Home – turned to former FVC graduate Barry Frame (Masters Degree and BA Sound production) and currently on a TQFE lecturing placement at the college, to help him complete his new film.

Barry was then only too happy to enlist the help of two enthusiastic NC Sound Production students - Jason Murray (31) from Dunnipace and Kyle Kinnear (19) from Bannockburn – to assist him and allow them to gain valuable experience working on a live project.

Please Come Home is an innovative and thought provoking short film starring Scott Greening – who plays Begbie’s son Frank Junior in T2 (sequel to Trainspotting) which is currently filling cinemas across the UK.

Director Sean, said: “It's great to finally get please come home made. It's been four years in the making and I'm glad it's out there now. It's a very personal story to me and I'm happy to be able to tell it. I'm extremely grateful to have such a fantastic and talented team of cast and crew behind me to help bring this story to life and it wouldn't have been possible without them. I would also like to thank Barry Frame and the Forth Valley College students who have worked on the sound for the film for all their help.

“Fingers crossed the film can travel and play some festivals now. We make films to have them seen and to tell our stories and Please Come Home is a story I'm looking forward to share.”

Barry, who has also just launched his new production company called Next Level Productions, has previously worked on two full length movies and various other short films.

He said: “Sean is a well respected film director in Scotland and he got in touch with me recently as, someone we both know recommended me to him. I will be looking at everything from sound levels to mixing and sound design and hoping to put my take on it to help tell the story. I enjoy imparting knowledge to the students. They are eager and keen and I am happy to do it. They are very enthusiastic and that is what you need to be when starting out in this industry and I am happy to mentor them.”

Jason, said: “I love this course and working in this industry is just what I want to do with my life. You couldn’t buy an experience like this with Barry and it is great to learn from him. I think it is really important for a student to get involved in live projects like this.”

Kyle said: “Barry has already shown me a lot of stuff and this is definitely what I want to get into. What an experience this is.”

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